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Laboratory tests

To help identify imbalances and fine-tune your nutrition programme, I regularly make use of tests from reputable laboratories in this country and the United States. I recommend that you first make an appointment with me so that we can discuss which one would be most appropriate for your needs.  When you get your results I can then help you to interpret them and suggest the appropriate dietary and lifestyle changes to help relieve your symptoms.

A wide range of laboratory tests are available through nutritional therapists like myself, and below are some of the tests that I have found most useful in my practice:

Allergy tests - both for foods and environmental allergens

A variety of digestive profiles, which can be used to help clarify a variety of digestive symptoms.  Tests include a Digestive Stool Analysis/Parasitology, a Candida Antibody Profile, Intestinal Permeability Assessment (leaky gut test), and a Helicobacter Pylori Breath Test.

Thyroid function tests – these are offered as either blood or urine tests and help to give a comprehensive picture of thyroid function, measuring TSH, T4, T3, rT3 and thyroid auto-antibodies.

Adrenal Stress Index Test – stress hormones are produced by the adrenals, and may become unbalanced over periods of stress, especially if it is prolonged. Appropriate nutritional support for the adrenals can be provided to help maintain balance and relieve symptoms.

Female Hormone Panels – a variety of tests to help optimise hormone health.

Hair Mineral Analysis – to help assess mineral status and identify the presence of toxic metals which may impact on symptoms.  Although this test is appropriate for anyone wanting to find out about their nutrient status, I have found it useful for those who are interested in optimising their fertility (both men and women) and those who would like support with their bone density.

Bone Resorption: osteoporosis risk assessment is a useful indicator of bone turnover and can be used to help monitor progress of medical treatments to help slow down bone loss.

Bone Density Heel scan.  This is a screening process to help identify those with low bone density or osteoporosis.  I have recently started working with a clinical physiologist to provide a bone health package to include the scan, together with nutritional and lifestyle advice to maintain bone density.  Please contact me directly for more details.

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